A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Massive thanks to dippy for the music and sfx: https://soundcloud.com/dippy0615

Made for GBJAM 7!


This is a tower defence/ pet simulator but your towers are living breathing animals. You need to feed them to keep them alive and you can also pet and give them treats to level them up. 


  • Up = Up-Arrow
  • Down = Down-Arrow
  • Right = Right-Arrow
  • Left = Left-Arrow
  • A = Z
  • B = X
  • Start = Enter
  • Select = Shift

How to play

You can control the cursor using up/down/right and left. You can pick up pets by pressing A when hovering over the pets in the side bar. You'll also be able to see their stats in the info tab if you are hovering over them. When you have picked up a pet you can place it on the map by pressing A or unselect it by pressing B.

The pets will automatically attack when enemies are in range. But you'll have to feed them after each turn, if you don't they'll die. You can do this by picking up food and pressing A on your pets. Do the same with treats and you'll make your pets very happy. You can also pet your pets by having nothing selected and pressing A on your pets. When your pets are "Loved" enough they'll power-up! Then they'll become stronger!

Press start or press a with the cursor on the start button to start the next wave! Every 5 waves is a boss wave which is more difficult than a normal waves.

All pets are different too!

  • Bunny : Fast attacker but weak, good vs the sprinter
  • Dog : Average Speed and average damage
  • Gorilla : Slow but Powerful, good vs Bosses and Tanks
  • Bird : Can attack Balloon rats, Crucial
  • Unicorn : Buffs allies around him
  • Snake : Super slow, One shots most enemies, good vs Bosses
  • Cow : Produces food, helpful in the end game


  • Normal rats : Average
  • Sprinters : Fast, can run through gorillas 
  • Balloon rats : Flies, Only birds can attack it
  • Tank rats : High health, can get through bunnies
  • Bosses : Super high health, only appears on boss waves
  • Balloon Bosses : Super high health and flies, only appears on boss waves

Important Waves

  • Wave 5 : Sprinters are introduced
  • Wave 10 : Balloon rats are introduced
  • Wave 15 : Tank rats are introduced and balloon bosses are introduced
  • Wave 99 : What are you doing with your life?

Install instructions

Extract and run it


Export(Windows).zip 16 MB
Export(Linux).zip 18 MB
Export(Mac).zip 18 MB

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